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Fequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my double glazing ?

Yes. Glassmasters offer an option of a more insulated double glazing unit which will further improve your energy savings or one which gives you enhanced security.

Can you replace the glass in a single window ?

Yes we are happy to replace individual windows and we advise that you only change failed double glazing units. It is often the case, however, that when windows start to fail in this way, it is only a matter of time before most of them fail.

Do I need to replace the window as well as the glass ?

No. Glassmasters specialise in replacing failed double glazing units. When moisture gets between the glass, it is only the glazing unit that needs to be replaced not the window frame itself.

Why do glass units fail ?

The most common reason for failure is that the seal around the edge of the double glazed unit has perished and broken down allowing condensation/moisture to enter between the two panes of glass. It could also be that the windows were incorrectly installed in the first place.

My windows have external beads - is that a problem ?

No, we can replace your glazing units whether the beads are internal or external. However, if you have external window beading where the the double glazed units are fixed from the outside we can fit the new units using a non removeable method for a small additional cost making the property more secure.

Do you charge for quotations ?

No. All quotations are given free of charge.

Are you insured ?

Glassmasters has full public liability insurance.

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