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Energy Saving Glass Replacement

Save money by replacing failed units with new E Rated Glass
Failed double glazed windows mean greater heat loss and higher home energy bills. As more of your glazing units fail, the insulation properties will decline and your heating bills will go up.

Replacing your failed windows will also give you the opportunity to upgrade their insulating properties and help you save even more.

Double glazed units are made of two sheets of glass with a gap of 12mm - 16mm or 20mm between them. This creates an insulating barrier and contains argon gas. The most energy efficient type of glass is 'Low-E' glass which often has an invisible metal oxide coating on the internal pane. This cuts out heat loss through the window but lets in heat and light from the outside.

When the space inside the unit is compromised and allows moisture to enter, condensation can also occur on the inside of your windows as well as between the panes. Unit failure can also result in less insulation against external noise.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows
  • Reduced heat loss and saves on fuel bills.
  • Reduces condesation on the inside of windows.
  • Increases insulation from external noise.
  • Your property will be warmer in the Winter AND cooler in the Summer.
  • Increases security.
  • Enhances retail value of your property.

If your double glazing units have failed and you see misty or cloudy condensation between the glass panes, then all of the benefits of having them will be reduced.
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Warmer winters cooler summers saving you energy and money.
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